Pluscal Mousse

Pluscal Mousse / Calcium supplement 

The way of taking my daily calcium

We need about 1 200 mg/day of calcium and PLUSCAL® helps us meet our daily needs in an easy way.

Calcium is essential in the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth. It also plays an important role in nerve impulses and muscle contraction. With the good calcium supplementation that PLUSCAL® offers  we are helping our body to maintain good health.


When we get to the age of about 45, our body begins to feel a calcium deficiency and the more we age the more this deficit deepens and turns into bone-loss, leading to osteoporosis. Therefore, a calcium supplement becomes essential to slow down this process and preserve the health of our bones and our teeth.

However, most calcium supplements are inadequate either because they are difficult to consume or because they are poorly absorbed by our body.  As a result, there are many who unfortunately renounce taking calcium.

PLUSCAL® is the solution to these problems. It offers an innovative way to take calcium everyday. In its foam form with a nice texture, PLUSCAL® is easy to take either alone or with your favorite food or hot beverage.

Who needs a good calcium supplement such as PLUSCAL® ?

  • People wishing to complete their diet to meet their daily needs in calcium

  • People around the age of 45 years

People with medical conditions such as: osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis and kidney diseases under medical supervision

The benefits of PLUSCAL® calcium

  • Provides 500 mg of calcium

  • Completes our daily calcium requirements

  • Is highly absorbed in the body

  • Is easy to take

  • Tastes great

  • Can be taken with food and beverages

  • Contains no sugar or sodium