Krilex - Whole Krill - De Krill Entier

Krilex is made of 100% Canadian whole krill of the specie Euphausia pacifica, caught in the cold waters of North Pacific Ocean, in Canadian territory and in a non-contaminated zone. All necessary precautions are taken to keep the krill whole and intact: this is why Krilex is integral krill. Freshly caught krill is immediately frozen on the boat, then lyophilized at very low temperature without using heat. Lyophilization is the best method for the conservation of foods and natural health products. Thus, lyophilized whole krill is kept raw, concentrated and undenatured in such a way that the final product conserves all the nutritional and nutraceutical properties of freshly caught krill.


Krilex is a natural health product made integrally of lyophilized whole krill offered encapsulate