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Conditions : Utilisation of the website

Medelys Laboratoires international Inc. use of medelys-stores.com as a website with the conditions stated below.


By using this website, you recognize that you’ve read and understood the conditions. If you do not want to be linked to any of theses conditions, you cannot use medelys-store.com and order any of its products and services.

Terms of use

Limitation of Responsibility

The website and its elements are supplied as they are, without any guarantees, implicitly or explicitly. Medelys Laboratoires international Inc. and its related companies, its presidents, employees, representatives or agents cannot in whatever situation be held responsible by any damage related directly or indirectly to the use of this site.


Restrictions of Utilisation

Unless otherwise indicated in one of the sections of the website or if you’ve obtained a written permission of Medelys Laboratoires international Inc, it is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, redistribute, republish, translate, download or transmit by whatever method, any of the elements of https://www.medelys-store.com.


Place of exploitation of the site https://www.medelys-store.com/ is exploited from offices in Quebec, Canada. Those choosing to use this site do it with their own consent and it is their responsibility to apply all the local laws. The use of the website follows the laws applicable in the province of Quebec.

Conditions: Buying online


Method of payment

Only Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express’s credit cards will be permitted to purchase a products at https://www.medelys-store.com.



All the prices are in Canadian dollars in Canada only.

All sales outside of Canada are in USD only. The shipping fees and the country local taxes are applied when required.


www.medelys-store.com reserves its right to modify the prices of its products and services at all times, without any notice.


Availability of products

www.medelys-store.com cannot guarantee in any case that any product will be available at such and such time. If https://www.medelys-store.com can’t deliver a certain product due to begin out of stock, they will advise you by email and offer the following options:


Maintain the order and receive the product when it is available,

Cancel the order and be refunded completely or partly.


www.medelys-store.com is not responsible for any damage due to products begin out of stock.

Shipping of products

https://www.medelys-store.com will deliver the products to the postal address received in the order. Orders will not be shipped to any P.O box. Charges will be added to the delivery based on the amount of products purchased, the method of delivery (regular or express), and the destination of the order. The delivery will be handled by https://www.medelys-store.com and will be shipped out as quickly as possible after the payment was processed. Delays may vary depending on the destination, the availability of the products, and the method of delivery.

​- The prices shown on our store are FOB Montreal, which means customers need to pay for shipping charges, customs clearance charges or other related charges.

The products ordered will become the responsibility of the buyer once these are delivered to the transportation company by www.medelys-store.com.


For all products delivered outside of Quebec, the responsibility of all costs related to exporting will be charged directly to the buyer.

https://www.medelys-store.com must receive the payment before any product is shipped.