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Frequently asked questions

1) What is the difference between Supreme and Nutra Collagen?

Nutra Collagen is a proprietary formula of hydrolyzed collagen. We suggest this « HEALTH & BEAUTY » product as a means to nourish all tissue made of collagen, such as skin, joints and bones, through a gradual but sustained action. Many people use this product for preventative purposes and as a treatment to give the skin its desired youthful characteristics, and also strengthen joints and support the bone structure.

Supreme Collagen is also a proprietary formula with similar ingredients as Nutra Collagen, but features as well Glucosamine sulphate (without sodium), Chondroitin sulphate and Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM). The addition of these compounds can cover a wider number of tissular matrices within cartilage and joints. We suggest the use of this « HEALTHY JOINTS » product for quick and intensive treatment of any form of articular disease and thus help in repairing and regenerating the affected structures.

2) Why choose Nutra Collagen?

This formula contributes to tissular, cartilaginous and osseous reconstruction. In addition, it helps rebuilding other connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons, derma and also vascular, capillary and muscular walls.

3) Why choose Supreme Collagen?

This product is indicated for treatment of pain and articular inflammation, as well as for  tissular reconstruction in general, mainly cartilage.

4) For which conditions is collagen indicated?

A. First of all, to keep our bones and cartilage in good health. Even in the absence of any specific condition that would call for the intake of hydrolyzed collagen, one can benefit from the product on a purely preventative basis; this provides support and maintenance of  matrices in all our tissues and organs. In order to prevent age-related degeneration in  bones, cartilage and skin, collagen is recommended along with a healthy diet, exercise,  proper rest and adequate supplementation with antioxidants and calcium. Modern science has proven the link between such degeneration and the appearance of diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

B. To contribute to the functional improvement of cartilage, bones, tendons and ligaments as impacted by conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis. Particularly in the case of osteoarthritis (a disease connected to cartilage degeneration), products containing hydrolyzed collagen will help to relieve pain and inflammation and also to decrease the degeneration of cartilage and neighbouring tissue. It will even help to rebuild damaged tissue.

5) Do any of your collagen products have contraindications?

There are no contraindications, strictly speaking, for any ingredient entering the composition of both Medelys collagen products, as per the current state of scientific  knowledge. There are nevertheless some precautions to be taken under certain circumstances :

A. Do not take Supreme Collagen in cases of seafood allergies (Glucosamine Sulphate is an extract from crustacean carapace). There are no issues with Nutra Collagen at this level.

B. Caution should be exercised for people taking coumadin or other anticoagulant drugs, or any other product used to regularize blood coagulation, as Chondroitin and Glucosamine featured in Supreme Collagen may increase the effects of those drugs. — Again, no problem with Nutra Collagen on this point. —

6) What could be the side effects of collagen?

Although very well tolerated in general by users, rare side effects may be observed at the gastro-intestinal level, namely bloating. In very rare instances, abdominal nausea and cramps have been reported. Finally, temporary upper body erythema has been noted in an extremely small number of cases, and this disappeared after a few days.

7) Any possible interactions?

No interactions are known with any drug, although possibilities listed in 5 above should be taken into consideration. We are unaware of any food interaction either. The only documented interactions are those implicating Glucosamine and Chondroitin in  laboratory coagulation tests (INR/PT ratios).

8) What about Glucosamine, glycaemia and diabetes?

Although the possibility of increasing blood sugar rates in diabetics because of some theoretical considerations and some observations of insulin receptor modulation in mice,  a double-blind and placebo-controlled 2003 study carried out in the USA with diabetic patients  (published in Archives of Internal Medicines) showed that Glucosamine did not affect glycaemia in any way. However, it should be noted that the presence of Glucosamine may influence glucometer readings. It is suggested to delay taking readings for a few hours, or to talk to your doctor.

9) After how many weeks should I notice an improvement in my condition?

A. Articular pain : It depends on each person and its individual condition. It may take  from a few days to a few weeks and generally, after the first month of use we observe changes in the level of pain and working of joints. It has been noted that most of the time, the more severe the condition, the more convincing and rapid the effects are.

B. Inflammation : Same scenario as for the articular pain.

C. Benefits to skin, hair and nails : With those tissues, changes are more subtle, as they appear more slowly. One can notice a difference after a few months.

10) Can we take these collagen products safely with other drugs?

There are no drug interactions. As a precautionary measure, we suggest taking collagen and necessary drugs at different times to avoid possible co-mixing in the stomach.

11) Why is it necessary to take collagen on an empty stomach, with water?

It is recommended to take collagen separately from food or drugs, so that the body will absorb the most of it and thus optimize its metabolic effects. Still better, take it towards the end of the day, whether half an hour before - or two hours after -  the evening meal, or before sleeping, with water or any kind of liquid (juice) to maximize absorption in the small intestine.

12) Does one have to take these products all the time or is it possible to stop and resume later?

You can take these collagen products as needed according to your intended use. If the concern is about a treatment towards an arthritic condition or rheumatism, a daily use for a period of 20 to 36 weeks should to be considered. Afterwards, you can diminish the use down to a maintenance dosage, or simply stop. To keep your joints and bones healthy, you can vary dosages by decreasing it by half, or increasing it if you practice lots of sports and wish to reinforce your joints and muscles.

13) How do these collagen products actually work?

Hydrolyzed collagen and the other associated molecules reach the target cells after being absorbed and distributed in the blood to various tissues and organs. Then, at the cellular level these molecules act by providing key nutrients to the cell in two ways: (i) on one hand supplying new molecular inputs, and (ii) on the other hand by stimulating cells to generate new whole collagen molecules and proteoglycans, which will be secreted in the surrounding matrix and come to replace the older molecules that have lost their functional effectiveness.

14) How should one store collagen products?

Medelys products are to be stored at room temperature, but it is important to absolutely avoid heat and sunlight. If you cannot keep bottles in a cool place after opening, it is recommended to keep them in the refrigerator (not freezer).

15) Are there any risks associated with mad cow disease?

It is essential to clarify that, first of all, collagen comes from young animals intended for human consumption and that these animals are always inspected and checked by veterinary surgeons. Only those animals authorized with duly signed certificates of inspection are used for this purpose. The animals are also clinically tested in laboratories for any infectious diseases which would harm quality. Thereafter, only the dermal portion  is used in the process of collagen extraction. The selected tissues do not come into contact with any material from the animal`s central nervous system. Finally, subsequent alkaline, acidic and other treatments definitively prevent any possibility of contamination.

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