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Powerful for Killing Germs


Yet gentle on hands!

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Washing and sanitizing our hands has become more critical than ever in reducing harmful germs contamination and transmission to others. In a time of pandemic, it represents an undeniable key aspect in the fight against viral spreading.


SOFT AND MOISTURIZED HANDS - Unlike many other hand sanitizer gel products that can dry your skin, our germ-fighting product contain 70% alcohol and Ionized Silver 5ppm to help stop the spread of harmful germs, with VITAMIN E AND ALOE VERA that minimize skin dryness and irritation, giving you nicer-looking and smoother hands.

PREVENT THE SPREAD OF BACTERIA - Sanitize your hands a few times throughout the day with our ANTIBACTERIAL GEL disinfectant liquid hand sanitizer and reduce your chances of getting sick.

With Aloe vera, Vitamin E, and Ionized Silver


The ionized silver 5 ppm is produced in pure water. The concentration of 5 ppm provides a sufficiently strong, yet gentle effect. In the ionic form, silver is a very safe product, non-irritating, non-astringent and does not dry the skin or other tissues with which it is in contact.



Medelys Hand Sanitizer tm is a unique, scientifically designed formulation that works via two types of microbicidal activities. High purity alcohol will quickly eliminate all germs while ionic silver contributes in  destruction of any residual germs. Unlike many other hand sanitizer gels that can dry and damage your skin, our germ-fighting product is enriched with the right humectants and emollients. The result: the most optimally soft and smooth hand sanitizer you can get.

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