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For youthful and healthy skin!


SIZE: 30 ml   


The new Sérum Collagen by Medelys has been specifically designed to help improve the appearance of the epidermis through precise stimulation of collagen and elastin regeneration while ensuring protection against the oxidizing aggressions of the environment on the skin.

Over the last decade, the influence of collagen peptides on the activity of specialized cells - fibroblasts, has been demonstrated. The fibroblasts contribute to the building and generation of our dermal layers.

An inadequate intake in collagen molecules, especially with aging, results in well-known visible signs: flaccidity, moisture loss, wrinkles, “orange skin”…

The team of scientists and experts of Medelys Laboratories International has formulated Sérum Collagen with a special emphasis on four categories of critical active ingredients:

Peptides of collagen:
These short fragments composed of specific amino acids give a restorative and regenerative effect on the dermal collagen matrix. Particularly, their composition of glycine, lysine, proline and hydroxyproline proves to be optimal for the neosynthesis process of long, healthy and functional collagenic chains. 

Hyaluronic acid:
“The perfect moisturizing natural molecule”: this is how biochemists and dermatologists qualify hyaluronic acid. Medelys uses a fermentation grade highly bioavailable for the skin and with no allergens. 

Pinus Pinaster Bark extract:
The antioxidant molecules contained in this extract, characterized by its high proanthocyanidines content, contributes to protecting the dermis against all the free radical attacks that our skin has to endure every day. 

Vitamin C:
Moreover, care has been taken to add vitamin C, which performs a dual role: protection of the dermal layers and facilitation of collagen synthesis.

Sérum Collagen contains no preservative or synthetic stabilizer, nor any fat content and, consequently, creates no oily residues that can cause the clogging of the pores of the skin. 


  • Gives a more youthful look

  • Improves skin elasticity

  • Firms and Tones the skin

  • Helps reduce wrinkles

  • Protects the skin against the oxidative damages from environmental factors

  • Helps in collagen synthesis


Apply in the face and massage gently until fully absorbed. The slightly sticky effect goes away quickly leaving a fresh and soft feeling. Repeat as needed.

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