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Our high quality product contains 40 nutritive elements supporting the regeneration of tissue damaged by abnormal wear or accident, causing severe pain.

 NPN: 80032378  120ml tube  

Traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve pain and/or inflammation in muscles and joints.

With unparalleled penetration power, the gel formula helps heal tissue by its nutritive power based on elk velvet antler, arnica montana and mentha piperita. Arnica montana has been used for centuries in Europe for strains, sprains, bruises and osteoarthritis. It acts as a local treatment on pain or inflammation. The gel can be used alone for minor ailments. Local treatment. Velvet Life Gel is a great new way to apply the legendary benefits of elk velvet antler to joints, muscles, and tendons in pain. Velvet Life Gel combines the natural active ingredients of elk velvet antler and arnica montana, both known for their anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and tissue building benefits, producing a highly potent, deep penetrating topical gel for relief and healing of muscle, tendon and joint pain.


For over 2,000 years, elk velvet antler has been used as a medicinal health tonic in traditional Chinese medicine. Today, scientific research supports the supplement’s powerful benefits for sufferers of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. As a natural source of collagen type II, glucosamine and chondroitin, elk velvet antler supports connective tissue health and has been proven to repair cartilage and prevent the symptoms of joint arthritis. Glucosamine and chondroitin are substances found naturally in the body in and around cartilage and connective tissue cells. Glucosamine is a form of amino acid indispensable to cartilage formation and repair. With age, levels of glucosamine may decrease and cause arthritis or joint problems.


Chondroitin sulfate is part of a large protein molecule (proteoglycan) which prevents enzymatic breakdown of cartilage and improves cartilage elasticity. Glucosamine and chondroitin work best together in building and maintaining connective tissues in the body. Elk velvet antler supplies both these essential nutrients necessary for healthy connective tissue, cartilage and joints. Arnica montana has been used for centuries for reducing swelling and pain due to bruises, sprains, muscle/joint problems and insect bites. According to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer center, clinical trials suggest benefits of arnica for osteoarthritis and reduction in postoperative swelling and pain.

Consequently, Velvet Life Gel is an advanced system to deliver beneficial therapeutic substances to target painful areas. Velvet Life Gel is unique on the market today. Unlike many pharmaceutical products that offer only symptomatic relief, Vie de velours Gel directly combats connective tissue breakdown by aiding normal repair and regeneration of cartilage, ligaments and tendons, not only reducing pain and inflammation. It also improves connective tissue elasticity and cushioning. Velvet Life Gel is recommended for immediate relief of acute and chronic muscle, tendon, or joint pain as well as for prevention of tissue aging and breakdown.

Due to what science knows regarding the properties of pure Velvet Antler, we are able to state that this substance contains several therapeutic properties that can treat many health problems.

Originally used to:

  • reinforce kidney Yang

  • replenish vital essence and blood

  • strengthen tendons and bones

  • ease menstrual and blood circulation problems

  • helps cicatrization of scars

  • treat erectile dysfunction

  • dizziness and vertigo

  • insomnia, migraines

   Considered a tonic that:

  • reconditions the human body

  • combats colds and influenza virus

  • is traditionally used for children with growth problems and those suffering from  malnutrition

Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. Do not bandage. For prolonged use, consult a health care practitioner. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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